Natural Cream Cheese (Original)

Experience the indulgent, rich flavor and smooth, creamy texture of our cream cheese that will elevate any dish or recipe to new heights of deliciousness.

Grünesland Original Cream Cheese, made with only five high-quality ingredients, offers a natural and fresh taste that can be enjoyed as a dip or spread for bagels, sandwiches, and wraps, making it the perfect all-natural addition to any meal.

Only 5 Simple Ingredients:

Pasteurized milk, Salt, Locust bean gum, Bacterial culture, Microbial enzym

Why Choose Grünesland Cream Cheese?

Because it's...

Make every meal a little richer with cream cheese.

Food that’s good to you

From dips to desserts, cream cheese adds flavor to everything.

There's no end to the delicious possibilities of cream cheese.

Featured Recipe

Matcha Cheesecake

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Some of our product reviews

Best Cream Cheese!
I absolutely love this cream cheese! It's so versatile and can be used on almost anything. I even love putting it on mashed potatoes. But my favorite way to use it is in cheesecake or on a toasted bagel. It has a creamy texture that spreads easily when slightly heated, and the plain flavor is delicious with a subtle taste that doesn't overpower other foods. I always make sure to have some in my fridge, it's definitely a staple in my house.
Freya Cordova
Toronto - ontario
Taste is wonderful!
This has to be the most incredibly delicious cream cheese I have ever tasted. I'll definitely be buying it again and recommending it to everyone I know. Thank you for this wonderful product
Amie Aguilar
A definite 5 stars!
As someone who doesn't usually eat breakfast, I can't resist Philadelphia's Cream Cheese on a toasted Everything bagel. The creamy texture and light flavor make it a perfect snack with crackers when hosting guests or on the go with a bagel or toast for work!"
Ciaran Nielsen
hamilton - ontario
All ingredients used by Hochland to make cheese are hypoallergenic