Pure and simple, nature's finest.


We’re dedicated to bringing Canada the best and most delicious all-natural cheese possible. Our philosophy is that cheese should enhance every eating experience and meet our customers’ high expectations with high-quality, natural ingredients. Our cheese is produced by Hochland Germany, a brand that has been crafting cheese for over 90 years.

With a workforce of over 5,000 people, they’re one of Europe’s largest cheese manufacturers and operate in several countries, including Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Poland, the United States, and Australia.



Environmental protection, economic and social sustainability are firmly anchored in the corporate philosophy of Hochland.



Georg Summer and Robert Reich set up the Hochland cheese factory in Goschholz near Lindenberg.

Their plan is to produce processed cheese


Since there is no special equipment on the global market that Hochland needs, inventive employees create their own machines to automate production.

This led to the creation of the engineering company Natec in 1974.


The company continues its expansion in Southern Europe: in 1981, Hochland acquired a subsidiary in Spain -  Hochland Española .


Hochland continues to develop not only abroad: in 1988, the company acquires two dairy factories in Schongau and Steingaden from the cooperative Erstes Bayerisches Butterwerk.


Hochland is aware of its business opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. In 1993 the subsidiary Hochland Polska was founded.

Two years later, cheese production begins in Kaźmierz.


Establishment of a plant in
Wengrów (Poland)


Hochland products were initially supplied to the Russian market from Germany, but in 2003 a plant was built and put into operation in the village of RAOOS near Moscow.


Almette and Hochland cream cheese for the Russian market is now produced in Russia. Hochland converted a former yoghurt factory in Prokhorovka to produce cream cheese.


The company continues to grow. In January 2017, Hochland acquires American cream cheese maker  

Franklin Food Inc. With the acquisition of a cheese factory in Belinsky, Russia, Hochland successfully enters the hard and semi-hard cheese market.


Hochland is once again playing a pioneering role, together with the milk suppliers of the Schongau plant: they are doing without non-selective herbicides such as glyphosate and fermentation substrates from certain biogas plants. The latter may contain micro plastic that the cows could eat with the feed.


Hochland Russland continues to grow: The new plant in Belinsky goes into operation after a two-year rebuilding project. The plant in Prokhorovka has been expanded and by the end of 2019 is the largest production facility for cream cheese in the entire Hochland Group.

All ingredients used by Hochland to make cheese are hypoallergenic